​​California Shutters, Vinyl Shutters & Blinds 

The FYI's....

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Our finished work!


Purchasing from Shutter Factory is a TRUE manufacturer direct buying experience.

All products are crafted by hand on site in our local Stoney Creek shop.

The Shutter Factory is constantly striving to offer the highest quality at a competitive price. It has been through the strength of relationships with suppliers that we have been able to achieve this despite rising costs and challenging economic conditions.

All components of our work are constructed of select grade poplar. Poplar is ideal for this application for 3 reasons:

1-Amazing stability in all environments. Hot, cold, dry or humid it will NOT affect poplar. No warping or twisting. Thank you nature!

2-Poplar has a "closed" grain and soft smooth surface which is ideal for spray finishing. Smooth furniture quality finish every time.


3-Fasteners attach easily but hold firmly. After all, though it's easy to machine and finish, poplar is still a hardwood!

What really sets The Shutter Factory apart, is the finish. Attention to detail during paint prepping followed by industry leading industrial coatings result in a furniture like finish every time.

Expert installation is the finishing touch ensuring reliability and ease of operation for years to come.